How to Reduce the Chances of Hydroplaning

A vehicle can lose control in wet weather in a matter of seconds. However, there are steps that you can take ahead of time to reduce the odds that it happens to you. First, be sure that your car's tires are suited for wet road conditions. They should also be properly balanced and have sufficient tread on them.

Having sufficient tread makes it easier to push water away and maintain contact with the road. However, you can avoid hydroplaning by slowing down and not making any sudden changes in direction when you see water. Eventually, the vehicle will push the water away and regain traction.

If you think that your tires are bald or not balanced properly, bring your vehicle to our service center at Lithia Honda in Medford in Medford, OR for assistance at your earliest convenience. While there, you can get new tires or fix issues with the ones already on your vehicle.

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