Cover Your Car and Keep It Looking Newer

We at Lithia Honda in Medford think it is very important for car owners to care for their car and get the maximum life out of it. A car cover is something that you can use to avoid some wear and tear on the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Direct sunlight can have an effect on the paint, heat in the car and fading of seats and the dash. A cover can help eliminate some of the long-term effects of sun damage.

Depending on where you park your vehicle, a car cover can help with damage from rocks, sand, weather, and sap from trees. Rust is also something that occurs from being exposed to the elements, especially near the coast. Covering your vehicle can minimize the money you may pay later for bodywork to keep it in good condition.

Stop by our service center in Medford, OR to get your car serviced and ask any questions you may have about keeping it in great condition.

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