Is My Car Battery Good or Bad?

You should check your car battery twice a year, not just when it is showing signs of a problem. You will need a voltmeter to test your battery. Although either an analog or digital voltmeter will work, the digital voltmeter is easier to use and gives a more accurate reading than an analog voltmeter. If you plan to service your own battery, then it’s important to wear rubber gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes from acid.

Testing your battery is the only way to know if it is good or bad. A good battery is typically under 4 years old. It also accepts and holds a charge, easily recharges and return to service, and has a reading above 12.4 volts. A bad car battery is typically over 5 years old and does not accept or hold a charge, cannot produce adequate cranking ramps, and has a reading below 12.0 volts.

If you would rather have a professional check your battery, then contact the friendly staff at Lithia Honda in Medford today. Conveniently located in Medford, OR, we are here to help you with all your automotive needs.

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