Roadside Emergency Tips

Roadside emergencies can happen to any of us at any time. How prepared we are and how we handle the emergency can make a huge difference. Pay us a visit at Lithia Honda in Medford and let us give you some helpful tips on how to get through a roadside emergency and things you can do that may prevent them.

Clean your headlights regularly and make sure bulbs are replaced when needed. Periodically check your brake lights, turn signals and high beams to make sure they're in good condition. Always watch the temperature gauge in your vehicle and check/replace the oil as recommended. Keep a jack and can of Fix-a-Flat in your trunk. If you don’t know, learn how to change a flat tire.

Don’t let a roadside emergency get the better of you and ruin your trip. Stop at our Medford, OR store and pick up a few supplies and speak to our trained staff.

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