Don't Let a Pothole Ruin Your Ride

You're on the road and you hit a pothole. Afterward, your vehicle just doesn't seem like it handles the same and you've noticed that your once smooth ride now feels a little bumpy. What happened? When you hit a pothole or curb, certain parts of your suspension can become damaged.

Your suspension, shocks, and struts are components on your vehicle that make handling easier and the ride smoother. But parts of your suspension, such as the tie rod and ball bearings, can become worn down over time. And when you hit something and the suspension system is jarred, you can knock certain parts out of place, or they can even break. Having your suspension system check and the parts replaced from time to time will give you a smoother experience in your vehicle.

If you think you need to have your suspension checked, come to Lithia Honda in Medford in Medford, OR.

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