Pastes and Paper for Cleaning

In order to see while you're driving on the road at night, your headlights need to be in the best condition possible. If they become cloudy or dirty, there are a few ways to clean them yourself. A simple way to clean your headlights is to use bug spray. You only need a small amount that you'll spray on the lens itself. Rinse with water before wiping with a cloth.

Another way that you can clean your headlights so that you can see in Medford, OR is to use toothpaste. This method works best if your headlights are only minimally dirty. Use your fingers to rub the paste on a wet headlight. You want to keep the surface wet while you're using the paste until it's clean.

Sandpaper works as well, but you need to use a soft material instead of one that's more abrasive. Make sure you remove all of the debris from the sandpaper when you're finished. Lithia Honda in Medford can assist with finding the best paper to use for the lights if needed.

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