Before you go back to school, there are a few essentials that you should pay attention to pertaining to your car. Examine your tires before driving in Medford, OR. If they are underinflated, then you might notice a decrease in fuel mileage as well as uneven wear and tear on the edges.

Check all of the fluids in your vehicle before the school season begins. These include oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. Lithia Honda in Medford can check all of these for you, alerting you if there are any issues seen, such as leaks or levels that are too low.

Examine the seat belts in your car. You need to keep yourself safe while driving to school as well as the children who are in your vehicle whether they are your children or those who are in a carpool. Consider updating your seat belts if you have an older car to ensure that they will lock in place if needed.

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