Remove Pet Hair Quickly with These Tricks

There are all sorts of things that you likely need to clean up in your car. Kids can leave dry cereal on the floor, and everyone drags dirt in on their shoes. But there's one type of mess that's particularly difficult to remove from the upholstery: pet hair. We want you to know all of the best techniques to keep your car clean and protect your investment, so here are a couple of ways to clean stubborn pet hair off of car upholstery.

One of the easiest ways to remove pet hair is to use the bristled attachments on your vacuum cleaner. They're specifically designed to pull up hair.

You can also use a piece of packing tape to remove stubborn hairs. Roll it around your hands with the sticky side out, then roll it around the upholstery and carpet. This method actually works better than lint brushes, and it's less expensive, too.

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