There are many reasons Medford, OR consumers should keep their vehicles washed. A clean exterior not only looks nice, but it also protects your vehicle from damage. Dirt, pollen, dust, and other debris can cause scratches, rusting, and damage to the protective coat. A good wash will keep your vehicle looking new and increase your trade-in/resale value.

Keeping your car clean helps with fuel efficiency. If you wash your vehicle on a regular basis, then it will have 10 percent better fuel efficiency than if it was dirty. This is because dirt leads to drag and causes your vehicle to use more fuel. A clean car also helps you stay healthy because it removes dirt that carries germs.

If your vehicle stays parked in a garage most of the time, then it can be washed about once a month. However, if you have a long commute to work, then you may need to have it washed once a week.

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