What's important to you when you're buying an SUV in Medford, OR? Power? Traction? If you answered yes to those questions, let us introduce you to the Honda Passport. With its impressive roster of capability features, this all-new midsize SUV can take you safely across a range of terrain types.

The magic happens in the engine. Built with a V-6 engine, the Honda Passport gives you 280 horsepower to work with. Whether you're driving up a mountain pass or making the morning commute, this engine gives you plenty of power.

Inside the Honda Passport, the torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system helps you stay on track. It controls each wheel separately, so you have exactly the right amount of traction at each point. That means improved handling and a stable ride. To experience the control and power, come to see us at Lithia Honda in Medford to go for a test drive.

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