When you're in the market for a popular midsize sedan, does convenience matter? If so, we're proud to recommend the Honda Accord. Using technology, this sedan makes your driving experience a breeze.

With the Honda Accord, you never need to worry about digging for your key fob. With the available Smart Entry system, you can leave it in your bag or pocket — the door unlocks automatically as you get close. When you walk away, the door locks. That way, your vehicle always stays safe and secure.

In dark conditions, the Honda Accord's auto high beams can make your drive easier. These lights automatically dim when other vehicles come your way; then, they get brighter to help you see clearly on the empty road. The same goes for the LED low-beams, which offer the same auto-on/off function for convenience. Stop in for a test drive at Lithia Honda in Medford and try them out for yourself.

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