The Honda Odyssey is a popular minivan, and you can take a look at the Honda Odyssey when you come to Lithia Honda in Medford serving Medford, OR. The Honda Odyssey is a reliable vehicle that has room for your family and friends to ride in comfort. This minivan has interior features that provide both convenience and comfort.

The Honda Odyssey has an abundance of cargo room. The second row of seats can be completely removed, and the third row of seats can fold down into the floor. With the second and third-row seats out of the way, the Honda Odyssey has a total cargo area of 158 cubic feet. There is also under the floor storage in the rear of the vehicle.

Everyone in the vehicle will be comfortable in the Honda Odyssey. Tri-zone climate control is available. The driver and front passenger can set the temperature level that each like, and so can the rear passengers.

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