At Lithia Honda in Medford, we care about customer service, so we share great information about products for automobiles. When consumers work with us and take care of their cars using aftermarket products and accessories, they prevent the need for costly repairs. One of the most useful accessories for a vehicle is car wax. This guide breaks down car wax and the benefits of using it.

Car wax is made in a variety of ways. Some manufacturers use leaves from a carnauba plant, and others create wax from hydrocarbons. Synthetic waxes are also available; they're made from alternative resources, such as silicone. No matter how wax is manufactured, a formula will require a few extra ingredients to make it malleable. Most car wax manufacturers achieve this by adding oil and solvents to their batches.

Heat, rain, and other environmental elements can fade or chip the paint on a car. Car wax is the solution because it provides a layer of protection. If your automobile doesn't have a coat of wax, harsh weather could ruin the finish. The process of enhancing a car with wax in Medford, OR is easy because professional automotive services are available at Lithia Honda in Medford.

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